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Romila Bhat & Avinash Dhar
23 January 2014
Can never forget that memorable evening of 1st June, when just like any regular day my mother started asking me if I had found a girl for myself, and my reply was usual NO. Then she asked me to try my luck on all the Shaadi websites that I had downloaded my profile on, and as and how I continued checking the sites, it was nothing but frustrating to see the matches they thought were the best ones for me. I had lost all hopes from these sites, and then I tried the last site I had updated my profile on, and to my amusement proved me wrong in my perception of finding a perfect match through Wedding Sites. Its because of you that today I have my dream love with me. She is the perfect one I could have ever asked for. Thank You for making us one. has selected the best Brand Name for itself. SHAADI, as whoever logs on with you is sure to get married. Best of luck & continue performing the most blessing job on this planet. Regards, Avinash Dhar.