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Geetesh & Ragini
08 February 2019
It all started when I received an invite from her on the portal. I went through her profile and liked everything about her. I messaged her but got no response for a few days, and then she tells me 'hi' and that's it, no message for few days. Slowly we started texting, I had to go for a meeting and she happened to be in pune so we decided to meet. We met on a bus stop in pune for 10 minutes as i had my bus for Indore. I told everything about me and she did the same. I found everything that i was looking for in her and told her that we can look forward to introduce each other to our parents. She had one more option and asked me to look for other girl but i decided to wait for her and deleted the request. After few days her father called my dad and asked for my details, my lost hope came back and I immediately added her back. We started texting more and we liked each other. Convincing my parents was a easy part but doing the same for her was a little tough. But i think it was destined to happen, her parents liked me and everything went on very smoothly. Soon the date was decided and we started preparing. We got married on 29th January 2019 and started a new phase of life together. Everything happened in a 10 minute meeting at a bus stop drinking tea. Thank You for setting up a platform that helps people find their loved ones and starting their new life. I wish every person finds what they are looking for. Thank You